The Difference between TIA-942 and Tier

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What is The Difference between Standard by TIA-942 and Tier by the Uptime Institute?

Implementation of quality standards is important to do, in order to measure the level of reliability and active time. These two components are important requirements for the telecommunications industry.

In the Telecommunication Industry are known two standards commonly used in Indonesia, namely TIA-942 and Uptime Institute. Standardization of TIA-942, or TIA-942-A can be used when planning and designing data centers. This helps in setting standards for cabling systems and network design. The scope of its application is extensive, including network architecture, electrical design, database management, system redundancy, control of physical threats, environmental management, power management, and others. Adhering to the TIA-942 Standard provides assurance in data center development standards, safe operation from failure, more disaster-assured protection, possible expansion, scalability, and long-term reliability.

The TIA-942 standard refers to the pre-existing Standard, developed by the Uptime Institute in the 1990s. Uptime Institute uses a scoring system that demonstrates the level of resilience. The majority of data center standard tier 3 has a qualified specification for companies that require high availability. Data center tier 3 has standards for multiple delivery paths for power and cooling, redundant ownership on critical components, complete network on electricity, storage and distribution networks at data center facilities.

The 4th level data center has an additional independent dual-powered cooling system in addition to the tier 3 specifications.

The applications specified in Tier 3 and 4 allow the data center to perform maintenance without discontinuing the system. This gives an advantage in the lack of termination time.

Not much different from the standard owned by the Uptime Institute, TIA-942 has a tier that is almost the same but there are also things that distinguish between the two.

The TIA-942 level establishes rigid technical specifications on how to design or build a data center. On the other hand, the tending standards of the Uptime Institute are more goal-oriented but with methods that remain flexible.

The standards developed by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) are as data centers and designs. This is the standard for data center infrastructure and comprehensively covers the following:

  1. Location preference and layout review:
    Selection of data center location, Consideration of the surrounding environment, Data center structure and architectural design, Distribution of space to areas and distribution areas such as major areas and equipment.
  1. Cable and network data:
    Horizontal and backbone, Determining between copper, coaxial fiber or optical fiber as the basis of the media and its specific type, Security for data centers lines, Separation of power and telecommunications lines, Raised floor cabling and places of cable above
  1. Create redundancy by using standard level. Basic, redundant, con-current and fault tolerant standard levels are based on improvement of its reliability.
  2. Performance deliberations:
    Power consumption and load treatment, Cooling of infrastructure based on anticipated heat, Arrangement of Electrical Infrastructure, Maintenance of common facilities

Above overall points, it gives you an idea of how much thoughts and considerations has been taken to build this TIA-942 standard. Because it has covered almost all that is required for data center planning thoroughly and profoundly though it may not be entirely easy to implement it correctly. This standard ensures a safe and secure environment for all your data needs.

Moreover, in the development plan of a facility in addition to meeting the design criteria, it should be noted also is its reliability. Reliability that should be met also in the construction of data center. TIA-942 focuses on design elements, or whether the plan is included in the design. It still requires strong technical expertise to actually implement the design properly and make it happen. Meanwhile, Uptime Institute now has Operational Sustainability Standards and three additional ratings with the Gold, Silver and Bronze categories, related to the conventional Tier ranking. Golden, Silver and Bronze ratings focus more on operational practices and further above the standard one to four-tiered design standards.

Your company / organization should not only pay attention to the design specifications of a data center, but also consider the extent to which a data center standard can improve performance, reliability, and actual operating time.

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