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5th Anniversary of PRIME Data Center Solutions

March 9, 2018 12:00 pm

Jakarta – February 18, 2018 is a special day for the big family of PT Pradata Integra Media or commonly known as PRIME Data Center Solution (PRIME DCS). As a contractor and data center and IT service solution provider, this year, our company has entered its fifth year in business growth. PRIME DCS Anniversary Celebration was attended by the Board of Directors and President Director of PRIME DCS and all employees. The anniversary celebration is so festive with a variety of fun activities and the celebration is also at once to unite all employees of PRIME DCS. The Company’s birthday...

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Family Gathering PRIME DCS 2018

February 10, 2018 12:00 pm

Excitement of Family Gathering PRIME DCS in Yogyakarta 2018 : Beyond the Limit Yogyakarta – After working hard throughout the year in data center and IT solution projects, all employees of PT Pradata Integra Media or well known as PRIME DCS (PRIME Data Center Solution) got the opportunity for recreation to Yogyakarta on January 31-February 3, 2018. Four-day three night gathering event was also followed by all managers and employees with their families of PRIME DCS as well. The event of recreation or entertainment aims to establish a relationship, build a sense of familiarity and a sense of kinship between...

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Integrated Data Center Services

Prime passion for information technologies and data center development has become the source to deliver reliable Data Center Services. Our professional and experienced support team driven to give their best to provide all of our services.

Project Management | Infrastructure Services | System Integrator | Data Center Cleaning

Data Center Solutions

Prime Data Center Solutions are created with customers benefit in mind in the first place. All our data center solutions are designed to provide you the latest advantages in data center technologies without sacrificing scalability, reliability and modularity for future growth.

Data Center Facilities | Data Center Management & Automation | Virtualization | IT Network Infrastructure | Disaster Recovery Plan | Disaster Recovery Center

World Class Partners

Prime is always looking for potential world-class partners with innovative and distinctive technologies for collaboration and creating new business opportunities.


A very good partnership with Prime

Our company has been experiencing good partnership along two years with Prime. IT solution provided… “A very good partnership with Prime”

Prime IT Solutions to be very responsive and reliable

Our company relies heavily on technology and has a practically complex network. IT Solutions’ service… “Prime IT Solutions to be very responsive and reliable”

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